A Blank Canvas Charity Album

Support the RCM whilst enjoying quality music created by professional artists.
Our album features tracks that have generously been donated by the original artist and is fully licensed to be sold on our charity album.
Now with 2 full albums available for you to enjoy!

Our Charity

The Retro Computer Museum, or RCM as it is commonly known, is a Leicestershire based charity for the preservation, display and public
experience of computer and console systems from the 1960's onwards.
Their main focus is on systems that were in use in the home, rather than big computer systems and mainframes. They feature systems ranging from the 1970s, such as Binatone Pong and the amazing Commodore Pet right up to the lovely delights of the late 1990s, with systems such as the Sega Dreamcast.
The most amazing feature of the museum is that all the systems are out and available for anyone to use.

Sadly due to the current Covid lockdowns the RCM has been unable to open its doors and as such not been able to bring in any money from admissions.
So far the RCM has stayed afloat from generous contributions from their supports and fans, however as the lockdowns continue additional funding is still required.

Enter Blank Canvas with a charity record release!

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Blank Canvas 1
Artists & Tracks

Blank Canvas 2
Artists & Tracks


Original idea (and artwork) by Andy C. Spencer
Special Thanks to:-
All of the artists featured on this album
The RCM crew & their families (Moral Support)
Max Hall and Little Jackie (Blank Canvas 1 Mastering & Support)
Richard Faulkner (website hosting)
Ross Turville (Promo Video & Website Design)
Anyone that we may have forgotten
Everyone that has purchased this album