CD Track Listing

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1Do You Wanna PlayJeroen Tel
2Where Is Matthew SmithThe British IBM
3PoolSIDe MemoriesAllister Brimble
4GottabeCoLD SToRAGE
5The GhostDigital Coaxial
6Battle at the RCMA Man in his TechnoShed
7TraqData 65818 Bit Weapon
84 POLE (Ecstasy Mix)Max Hall
9The Future Is UpSophie Rose
10A Brighter FutureNoise by Night
11AsymmetryPeter Connelly
12Era of Eidolon Intro MarchRob Hubbard
13Potions Creams and GreasesRob Southworth
14Be The OneShortstop & Stretch
15720 Downhill with Synth bassChris Abbott
16AkwizishunSuddi Raval
17This LifeMike Clarke
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1Blue MoonCoLD SToRAGE
2Heavy HardA Man in his TechnoShed
3AmnesiaDean Medley
4GradiusChris Abbott
5Go Go DashRob Hubbard
6Record (uplift)Bad Mojo
7Intergalactic Space Mice (DnB Megadrive Mix)Dya
8Clear as CrystalJeroen Tel
9The NamelessMike Clarke
10AcSiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidNoise by Night
11IlluminatiPeter Connelly
12AY and SID SmashingA Man in his TechnoShed
13Hey Hey 16KMJHibbett
14Before the Splash - featuring Chris Garfield and Stuart ConnollyRob Hubbard and Max Hall
15The JourneySophie Rose
16ElevatorThe British IBM
17CocoonThe Emporium
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1Player PianoRob Hubbard
2When Will the Change ComeSaint Martyn
3Cat DanceA Man in his TechnoShed
4Live In The NightShortstop & Stretch
5Right Now (Speccy 128k mix)Dya
6Puggsy 2007CoLD SToRAGE
7Brabantse WalsTheo Tel
8Programming Is A Poetry For Our TimeMJHibbett
9Ode to Ode to The BouncerKees Tel Pro
10Prog RamA Man in his TechnoShed
11Hull Game - In Game TrackRob Hubbard And Max Hall
12Sylent NightJeroen Tel
13Road Runner Russian DanceChris Abbott
14My Best FriendThe Emporium
15RCM SID TranceNoise by Night
16TorquePeter Connelly
17Astral Plane Pt 1- (Electric Storm Mix)Max Hall & Chris Garfield